Rocket Fiber Lives the Hype


Hey, Houzemates! We all love the lightning fast speed of our Rocket Fiber internet. It makes completing daily tasks, reading the daily news, and visiting our favorite websites easily accessible for all of our Houzemates. Do you ever wonder what high-speed internet means to a major city or how it impacts the residents who live there?


The impact of the Internet and what it adds to our daily lives and our surrounding communities is more important than ever. The sheer amount of information and outreach that is possible with high-speed Internet can go a long way when you are looking to revitalize a major city. While Detroit is often overlooked by major tech companies, Rocket Fiber saw an opportunity to make their mark and invest in something meaningful. We met up with their passionate team that spoke with us about challenging Google for Internet speed dominance and their plan for giving back to Detroit.


What was the inspiration behind starting Rocket Fiber in Detroit?

We heard about what Google Fiber was doing in Kansas City and thought “Why not Detroit?”  Since Google Fiber had no plans on bringing their service to the city, we rolled up our sleeves and built it ourselves in true Detroit fashion.


What is the goal of bringing this fast internet connection to Detroit?

Our other goal is to bridge the digital divide here and help more people get online. Detroit has one of the largest digital divides in the country, with 40% of residents having no internet connection or any kind at home. Everything these days, from school work to job applications, is online and we want to help everyone in Detroit have the same access as anywhere else.


How do you compare to other Internet providers?

From a speed perspective, we’re 100x faster than the current average residential connection and much more reliable. Our client service is our other huge differentiator. When you call us, you talk to a human who is dedicated and ready to serve you. No more waiting on hold endlessly or being transferred around.


Thanks to Rocket Fiber, Briggs Houze is #LivingTheHype at lightning-fast speeds! We are incredibly thankful for the work that they are doing to better our fair city. Take some time between browsing the Internet today to check out their website and see how you can give back to Detroit. Visit the blog often for other interesting articles and Detroit insider info this summer. Stay cool!

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